WeatherLok Doors

 Weatherlok Doors

Weatherlok Doors:

  • Carefully crafted from pure, virgin vinyl
  • Precision-engineered to strict specifications
  • Fusion-welded for unsurpassed structural strength
  • Subjected to a grueling series of quality-control tests

These doors install smoothly, fit perfectly, work beautifully, and last practically forever. With their crisp good looks, they are compatible with virtually any home style.

Weatherlok has a unique Intercept® Sealant System, that provides maximum thermal efficiency – the most sought after feature in windows. Cozy warmth in winter. Cool refreshment in summer. Lower energy bills all year-round.

Weatherlok Sliding Patio Door

  • All-welded frame and panel pre-assembled for easy installation.
  • 7/8″ Insulated Intercept® Sealant System with tempered glass for reduced condensation and energy efficiency.
  • Reversible panel design allows for moving panel to be located on left or right side.
  • Sliding panel and meeting rail reinforced with roll-formed steel to ensure rigidity and strength.
  • Screen comes standard.
  • Also available with Side Lites, Transoms and Specialty Shapes.
  • White enamel exterior handle and oak interior handle.
  • Low-E optional.
  • 1″ contoured grid optional.

Special Glass adds to the comfort of Patio Doors

Low-E Coated Glass. Low-E is the most effective, insulating solar control glass available. Its special, double layer of silver coating dramatically limits the sun’s penetrating heat during the summer by reflecting long-wave heat energy. During cold winter months Low-E maintains your home’s warm, comfortable indoor temperature by permitting short-wave heat energy to enter, while keeping cold temperature out.
Low-E Glass Filled With Argon Gas. Here’s the key to maximum energy savings: optional Argon gas between your Low-E glass panes. Like an invisible blanket, this insulating gas will boost your window’s thermal performance.


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