I am interested in the tax credit for my siding or window job. What do I need to know?

Visit www.energystar.gov for current government standards for products eligible for tax credit. Windows claims qualifying for tax only cover the cost of the product exluding labor. For qualifying projects, contact All Pro Siding & Windows (405-495-9144) and for a letter listing the eligible tax credit amount. The Polar Wall Plus solid core siding products we install are not eligible for tax credit since insulation attached to siding does not qualify. Qualifying insulation includes flat underlayments such as Owens Corning or GreenGuard in 3/4″ or 3/8″ thicknesses.

How do I clean my siding?

Most of the time all that is needed to clean your siding is water.

Maintenance can be done while watering the lawn or flowers.

Spray the siding with the hose working from the bottom to the top (to avoid streaking).

Stubborn stains may require mild soap and water such as Dawn dish detergent.

If there is spray paint or tar on your siding try using Goof-Off or W-D40.

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