Great Barrier Siding 


  Great Barrier Premium Vinyl Siding

Great Barrier® Premium Siding is a beautiful vinyl panel with the appearance of natural cedar and is available in many colors to satisfy your individual tastes and needs. And now you can choose new deeper designer shades, such as Russet, Steel Blue, Evergreen and Firebrick in addition to 13 classic colors. 

Its real beauty lies deep within the .044" thick panel that has an innovative locking system called JAWSLOCK ® which combines a ¾" panel projection and a unique reverse rolled-over nail hem that doubles the siding thickness at the nailing surface for resistance against high winds. So if you live on the coast or other areas where high winds often pull down other siding panels, Great Barrier may be just the panel you are looking for.

A beautiful, strong and durable siding panel. One of the many reasons Great Barrier is so popular with homeowners, remodelers and contractors around the country is that the JAWSLOCK® system provides a truer and straighter installation the first time and it will stay there for years to come.

Great Barrier features a unique UV-stable resin called ColorHold®, one of the best barriers to guard against fading even in the harshest of UV-environments.  This barrier is so good we offer a Lifetime Fade Protection Warranty.

Available Colors