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 Sunrise Windows

Great Performance:

Specially-designed Sunrise Windows features make sense for any room. Fusion-welded corners and naturally-sloped sills eliminate the need for unsightly drain holes and guard against possible leaks. And unlike typical windows, all Sunrise Windows feature not one, but three continuous weather-strip seals, making them virtually airtight. Thanks to built-in features like self-tensioning balances, you need not bother with adjustments, or constant lubrication which typical balances require. So you will enjoy a draft-free home, without the hassle of time-consuming service problems. Also, our unique pivot system allows sashes to tilt into your home for ease of cleaning – sashes remove in a flash and can be reinstalled just as quickly! Sunrise windows are manufactured to such tight standard that when lock, there is virtually no slop or movement.

Products Available Include:

Sunrise Double Hung Windows: A beautiful View

So many homeowners want to maintain that great look of an original wood window, but fear the maintenance and energy loss associated with them. Up until now, vinyl windows had not been designed to capture this great look. But at Sunrise, we’ve patented our window design.* There is nothing else like it. Sunrise double contoured narrow-line exterior mainframe provides a striking accent to your home, and our mortised locks and wood-style cove trim around the glass create an overall effect of unmistakable elegance. All this helps to provide more visible glass area.

Sunrise Single Hung Windows

Sunrise Single Hungs look as beautiful as our Double Hungs. The only difference from inside your home is the non-operating top sash!

Sunrise Casements: A Great Point of View

Because Sunrise designed these windows with three continuous seals of weather-strip around the window’s perimeter, you won’t feel any air leaking into your home. Sunrise's stylish hardware allows all casement windows over 16" wide to open to a full 90 angle, so that you can clean the outside pane of glass from inside your house. All of our casements feature a single lever multi-point locking system…it’s more secure and easier to operate than normal hardware. All casement windows also feature an extremely innovative, stylish integral fold-down crank handle. This better hardware means we can make larger windows resulting in greater ventilation for your home. And, a beveled edge around the exterior ensures that snow, water, dirt, and ice don’t form on the ledge.

Sunrise Awning Windows

Let The Light In

If you are looking for just the right accent to your room, Sunrise awning windows are what you need. Awning windows are both stylish and functional for rooms that require a venting unit during rain or shine. Whether used singly or with other windows or doors, Sunrise awning windows offer an elegant way to allow more ventilation and light into your home.

Awning windows are very similar to casements. In fact, they're almost like a casement turned on its side! Where casements are taller than they are wide, awning windows are wider than they are tall. Awnings also feature two heavy-duty locks and an extremely innovative, stylish integral fold-down crank handle.

Sunrise Sliders: On the Right Track

Solid Performance

Sliding windows are a great addition to any room, and Sunrise’s patented slider-style windows are designed to perform. So often, sliding windows fall prey to winter’s worst winds. But our frame design is not only stylish on the outside, the contours in the extrusion add tremendous strength to the structure, guaranteeing year after year of virtual airtight performance.

Sunrise has also designed two different sliding options:  lift-out or tilt-in sashes. Both choices make cleaning a snap.  Added features such as extra weather-stripping and a sash encapsulated into the frame will ensure that drafts cannot break through. And, where typical windows are almost impossible to slide, the 8 brass rollers we use on our lift-out sliders makes them easy to open and close. Sunrise windows are manufactured to such tight standards that when locked, there is virtually no slop or movement.

Specialty Shape Windows: Rounding Out Your Design

All Sunrise Specialty Shape Windows are manufactured with the same look and quality as our picture windows. Now you can confidently create your own unique look! All specialty shape windows feature:

  • Strong, fully welded vinyl frame
  • Energy-efficient double-strength glass

Grids & decorative glass options are available for some shapes.

Sunrise Bay Windows: You Dream It, We Build It

The possibilities are endless. Sunrise custom-made Bay windows feature a large center picture window with your choice of double-hungs or casements on the sides. And, since they offer bay windows in either 30 or 45 angles, you’ll be assured of getting a large, spacious seat. Sunrise even offers windows with custom projections.

Sunrise Bow Windows: The Choice is Yours

Sunrise custom-made bow windows are a classic look for any home. We offer bow windows in any size, plus because of the gradual curve that the shape of the bow projects, we can make them with your choice of 3, 4, 5, or even 6 equal sized sections. We always include two ventilating sections, and can even manufacture them with any combination of ventilating and fixed units.

Sunrise Sliding Patio Door: A Grand Entrance

When Sunrise decided to make a patio door, they wanted to do it right the first time and solve the problems that many older patio doors have. With the Sunrise Door, you will get efficiency, security, beauty, and ease of operation – day after day, week after week, year after year…We guarantee it. Whenever you want the convenience, security, and energy-efficient performance that a sliding patio door offers, Sunrise has the answer.